Your layout and design should be based on your content. Not the other way around.

Design Process


The first step is to decide what your needs are. We will analyze your professional goals, web market and your target audience to create a website strategy based on your specific needs. Your chosen domain name will be registered.

Content Assessment

A website design should be based around the clients content - not the other way around, which is what is typical of template-based websites. We will create a website that will present exactly what you have to offer in a clear, cohesive manner. We will discuss which content is of most importance and design the layout accordingly.

Gathering the content is not easy, but when done before the actual visual design, it will save many hours in layout and design revisions.


After we have determined what types of content you will need we can begin the design process. We will discuss colors, styles, and images. We will create a preliminary layout of the website. There will be a temporary location where you will be able to view changes, and we can discuss the project remotely.


Once you are happy with the appearance and layout, we will begin to add the functionality. Any interactive features, such as sliding banners and forms will be set up. If you purchased the Content Management System, your database will be set up and your Control Panel created.

Review & Revisions

After everything is "hooked up and running" we will get together and inspect the site and finalize any additional changes. Everything will be tested to make sure it is working correctly.