We understand that you are not a web developer. That’s our job. In order to best serve you, we have created a Support and Maintenance Package.


Hosting Services starting at just $10 a month are available with all of our designs.

We offer a robust and secure backend that delivers 99+% uptime. You can count on your website and e-mail to work when you need them.

All of our websites are hosted on servers using 100% wind-power to operate making it eco-friendly.

Monthly - $15 | Quarterly - $38 | Yearly - $120

Yearly Domain Renewals - $20

Maintenance Plan

Keeping your website maintained is important!

Once you are online, it is essential that you keep the content of your website fresh and interesting. A professional and well-maintained website will make visitors feel more comfortable, stay longer and browse more pages of your site. Our Maintenance Plan includes up to one hour per month of periodic additions or changes to the design or layout so your website will be constantly evolving, and making changes to the content as needed.

Plan Benefits

  • Monthly Hosting Fee and Yearly Domain Renewals are included in the plan.

  • One hour of design services, including design changes, page additions, or any other updates your site may need.

  • Updates to your code as technology changes. This ensures that your website is compatible with the current most popular web browsers and search engines. It also means faster loading pages, consistent styling throughout the website, as well as making your pages accessible to people with disabilities.

Monthly Fee - $50